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Stretch forming process is a stamping process that utilizes a die within an open hollow part to shape a flat blank. This stretching process is broadly used to manufacture Thin-walled parts of cylindrical, rectangular, stepped, spherical, conical, parabolic, and other irregular shapes and a lot more complex shape parts. Stamping equipment is used for product stretching, which includes extension, redrawing, reverse stretching, and thinning stretching.

Firstly stretch forming was invented in the aerospace industry to improve the weight of aircraft to fuel efficiency improvement. Now, this process is used worldwide in the sectors such as the automotive, architecture, and rail car industries.

Stretch forming pulls part or every single sheet into a concave cavity and sets it up into a container with a bottom by striking a convex die. The stretching process also includes an expansion process for shaped containers, hemispherical containers, parabolic surface containers, etc.

Stretch Forming Process

Methods of stretch forming:

Stretch forming hava mainly a four methods are

When designing a cold stamping die, the information to be collected includes product drawings, samples, design task letter and reference drawings, etc. and accordingly understand the following issues.

Stretch forming hava mainly a four methods are

  • stretch draw forming
  • stretch wrapping
  • compression forming
  • radial draw forming

Types of stretch forming

Basically there are two methods of stretch forming are

  1. longitudinal
  2. transverse

In longitudinal, the equipment stretches the length of workpieces and in transverse it stretches the widht of workpiece.

In MS Machninig we offer the production by stretching are

1. Curtain walls assemblies and storefront

2. Railing systems

3. Extrusions

4. Tracks

5. Gutters

6. And more

Advantages and limitation of stretch forming process

Here we discuss the advantages and limitation of stretch forming under as follow

1. Stretch forming process needs 70% less force for conventional press forming

2. This process is not a cost effective

3. Stretching process has the ability to forming complex shapes

4. During or after forming the indent parts are drawn by using bulldozing or joggling in stretch forming process.

5. By using over forming in stretching springback is reduced.

Stretch forming limitation

Stretch Forming is not a better choice for high production stretch because it slows the forming cycle time.

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