Custom Machined Components for the Medical Industry

We are providing a well-trusted medical manufacturing of CNC machining medical devices and supplier of medical parts and surgical tools. Even if we manufacture a LASIK surgery blade or ventricle assist device, we provide the conceivable precision and highest tolerance. MS Machining Industries is sincere about improving the grade of medical teams and patients all over the industry.

With the experience of over 20 years of CNC Machining Services, our professional engineers can manufacture a wide range of custom medical parts with the greatest possible precision. We are the trusted supplier of medical components, including MRI and CT Scanner systems, and make various surgical instruments, such as biopsy cutters, cannula systems, and more. We have also manufactured various CNC machining medical parts, including respiratory, Cardiopulmonary, and cardio devices. We have extensive experience in manufacturing all aspects of the medical industry.

cnc machined services for medical components

Medical Machining Services Provided by MS-Machining

Precision Guaranteed: Machining to the Highest Medical Industry Standards

When we talk about precision Medical Machining services, Morning Star Machining Industry’s medical tools manufacturers and engineers are known best among the Manufacturers of Orthopedic Devices, Surgical instruments, cardiovascular and implants. Our professional machinist work with the materials, including,

• Titanium
• Inconel
• Kovar
• Invar
• Stainless steel and more

Even if you need accurate lathe work for an implant prototype, 5 Axis machining services for medical screws, or custom molds and dies, we will provide every service as contracted.

As per FDA Regulations, it is compulsory for CNC machining for the medical industry should have a dust-free perfect environment for each process being performed. MS Machining has a dust-free environment, allowing us to create optimal parts with the tightest tolerances for industry satisfaction.

Surgical Device Parts Machined to the Highest Precision for Exacting Application Results

With the help of 5 Axis Machining abilities, we successfully manufactured a wide range of small operating components per necessity; we simulated safe and trustworthy medical device machining that exceeds our client’s expectations. We can ensure to fulfil the medical industry’s high standards by making complex components used worldwide in medical industries.

MS Machining is a medical manufacturing company for manufacturing Medical Parts, including:

• Surgical scissors –are an essential instrument in medical procedures for cutting skin, undermining the subcutis, cutting sutures, deeper fascial layers, and removing wound dressing. It may have short or long handles, straight or curved blades, and smooth or serrated. If you are a manufacturer of surgical instruments and looking for a reliable CNC machine shop to help you get desired results, then contact us today! We can provide you with surgical scissors as per your exact demands of specifications.

• Cannulas – are medical products such as IV and Nasal Cannulas. Both Cannulas have high demand because these medical products are used in every medical center worldwide. Such other surgical equipment, cannulas are available in different sizes as per their usage of medical treatment. We are using machines like 5 Axis and Multi-Axis milling machines to manufacture secure and cost-effective cannulas. MS Machining produces the hollow metal tube and sharp, angled point of a cannula with accuracies.

• Biopsy tubes – Biopsied is a method used during the Biopsy Needle process. For laboratory testing, a biopsy needle obtains fluid samples from tissues, muscles, bones, and other organs, like the liver or lungs. Fine-needle aspiration and core needle biopsy are the standard procedures of needle biopsy. We know that accuracy, safety, and cost are essential when manufacturing medical tools; we will provide you with high-quality ultra-precision CNC Machining Services and cover all essential factors, including Safety, Accuracy, and cost.

• Saw guides for bone surgery – Is an Orthopedic Surgical Instrument that helps Orthopedic surgeons avoid cutting too far into bone while sawing. Orthopedic surgeons need a bone surgery tool with the highest accuracy, which helps them to make the cleanest cuts possible in surgery. If you are looking for a company that can permanently provide medical machining services, contact us for a quick quote!

Contact our medical component machinists to learn more about our capabilities today.

5 Axis CNC Machining for the Medical Industry

MS Machining Industries manufactures various components for precision medical equipment with the help of State-of-the-art 5 Axis CNC Machining, including catheters, graspers, handheld surgical equipment, and ligation devices. The advanced capability of our multi-axis machining offers the best medical component manufacturing, turning, engineering, polishing, product finishing, laser welding, and cutting services exceeding your expectations.
We are using quality materials for 5-axis and 4-axis machining to ensure that your medical part is pure and guaranteed not to damage when used in medical processes.

Following are the lightweight and versatile materials we use for medical parts manufacturing, including:

• Inconel
• Titanium
• Stainless Steel
• Invar
• Kovar

You don’t need to believe in CNC medical machines that are building low-quality medical components – provide us a trial project before giving a massive production order for your machined components because your satisfaction is necessary for our company.

Precision CNC Machining for Medical Components

MS Machining is one of the best CNC Machining companies, proud to produce components for medical industries. Our professional machinists build a wide range of precision medical components with the help of CNC Machining’s latest technologies. Our goal is to provide high-quality products crafted with Maximum accuracy.

Surgical Precision CNC Machined Devices

A good surgeon needs medical surgery specialist certification for a job. Our company medical machining expert has the certification of the national surgical board affiliated with the American board of medical specialties, that’s why they are aware of medical industry demands and the quality of the products. Our expert machinists supply gears and components for cardiac devices, implant medical device components, and craft titanium implants for orthopedic usage. Medical Industry machining requires accuracy for surgical tools, and we perform the considerable precise CNC machining of custom medical components.

Medical CNC Equipment for the Laboratory

Accuracy is vital in laboratory work because doctors prefer lab test results to treat patients. Lab Technicians across the country believe in MS machining industries for all kinds of devices and parts, such as DNA analysis equipment, because our manufactured parts are durable and provide accurate results during the lab test. Our expert medical implant manufacturers make these components per the client’s specifications and set unique challenges for our opponents.

Medical Machining for Radiology Equipment Parts

Radiologists believe in precisely manufactured equipment to do their work successfully. Some equipment is operated on instantly during the surgery to overhaul fractures, and in many other practices, many components are used “in real-time” undoubtedly and on the spot. These machines can move from one place to another place as portable machines. Our expert manufacturing medical device engineers deliver the high-quality service with complex production for parts, including MRI Table components, anodes for x-ray systems, and collimators for CT scans. The best radiology device needs careful manufacturing and accuracy, which MS Machining Industries can only deliver.

We accept the medical manufacturing component challenges and create medical prototype parts that any other machine shop cannot achieve. Our expert machinists can work on any problem or glitch in any component. Our machinists are resourceful and committed to creating an efficient product that will enhance your product application and surpass your anticipations.

Medical Parts Manufacturing Company Does the Impossible

MS Machining has manufactured several Lasik Tools for the Medical Industry, Following are our Custom CNC work, Including:

• Collimators for CT scanners
• MRI table components
• Anodes for X-Ray systems
• Miniature components and gears for Cardiac Devices
• Insertion Equipment used in DNA analysis
• Implantable medical device components
• 5-axis machining of titanium implants for orthopedic use
• And so much more

We have developed a variety of complex components for something as detailed and complicated as the human body. Even if you require complex parts for surgical instruments, medical manufacturing services for small surgical tools, prototype machined for an industry-changing implant, or have a design that other manufacturers cannot perform precisely, It is not a big challenge for MS Machining. Our Machining experts will work with you to complete the unattainable machining purposes.

Learn more about the CNC services MS-Machining offers for your industry:

Components We Build for the Medical Industry

Machining process used
specific feature
Blood Gas Analyzer
4-Axis Milling
6061-T6 Aluminum
0.010″ Thick Cell Walls
Rotor Housing
Blood Gas Analyzer
4-Axis Milling
6061-T6 Aluminum
Micro Milling of Housing to Accept Electronics
Blood Gas Analyzer
3-Axis milling
6061-T6 Aluminum
Circle Interpolate Boss with 0.0005″ Tolerance
Objective Head
Catheter Head
EDM Sinker
17-4PH Steel
EDM Sink with Miniature Copper Electrodes
CT Scanner
Conventional Turn and Mill
718 Inconel
Used Ceramic Tooling for Turning
Arc, Support
CT Scanner Rail
4-Axis Milling
Project 70 Steel
Drilling and Tapping Holes on the Face of a 48″ Radius
Fluid Flow
5-Axis Milling
Burr-Free Micro Milling
Instrument Cap
Micro Turning
AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Micro Wire EDM
Gear Plate
Laser Eye Keratome
4-Axis Milling
17-4 Ph Cond H900
Mill to Accept Miniature Gears
Insulator, Conductivity
Element Isolator
Kel-F PCTFE Plastic
Turn Tapered ID Profiles
Impeller, Polished
Experimental Heart Pump
5-Axis Milling
6Al-4v Titanium
Burr Free Polished Impeller Surface
Alignment Screw
CT Scanner
Swiss Screw Machine
718 Inconel
Burr Free Part for Clean Room Use
Nozzle, Dispensing
Drug Dispensing Nozzle
Hard Turning
17-4 PH Cond H900
EDM Wire 2mm Thru-Hole over 8 ” Length
Pneumatic Drill Core
Eccentric Turning
17-4 ph Cond H900
Honing ID to 8 Micro Finish
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