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The Medical industry requires high-quality equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing in this modern time, so cnc medical equipment manufacturers ensure every part of the equipment is manufactured to exactly the right standard of the industry. The components of Pharmaceutical Medical such as cooling towers, granulators, and centrifuges are always manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Morning Star Machining Industry’s engineers are popular and best among manufacturers of implants, surgical instrumentation, orthopedic devices, and cardiovascular. Miniature parts are important to the operation of pharmaceutical industry equipment, pharmaceutical tools and surgical tools are not a big deal for our machining experts. We work with materials from stainless steel and titanium to Kovar, invar, and Inconel.

Our company’s qualified and professional workers will work with you from beginning to end, even complete the most impossible and complex machining objectives.

cnc machining services for pharmaceutical industry

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What Are Centrifuges?

The centrifuge is an ordinary laboratory tool that is used in the pharmaceutical industry for separating gas, liquid, or fluids depending on density. Splitting is attained by rotating a vessel containing material at a high speed to make a centrifugal force that shoves heavier materials outside of the vessel.

Following are the most ordinary types of centrifuges that are used by Pharmaceutical Industries, Including:

• Benchtop
• Refrigerated Benchtop
• Clinical Benchtop
• Microcentrifuges
• Concentrators

Morning Star Machining Industries provides the finest in CNC medical machining processes to manufacture higher quality Centrifuges for the pharmaceutical industry. Our CNC pharma engineers use the latest technologies to provide a wide range of components manufactured.

cnc machined centrifuges

Medical Part Manufacturing Capabilities

Morning Star Machining Industries has manufactured a various list of accurate components and our trained staff will work from beginning to end for achieving the impossible machining objective for your pharmaceutical components.

Following are the high-quality precise components we manufacturing in pharmaceutical industries, including:

• Centrifuges
• Cooling towers
• Dryers
• Granulators
• Capsuling equipment
• Coating machines
• Inspection equipment
• And much more

We’ll surpass your expectations with our unmatched medical precision machining services, and we promise the best work with a quick turnaround time. We take medical component challenges head-on and create cnc machining medical parts, no one else would even bother attempting to try. Our skilled staff is able to design and work through any glitch or problem a specific component may have.

Get the Most from 5-Axis Machining

There is a big difference between a common and remarkable component for understanding the capabilities of 5 Axis Machining. We have best 5 Axis machinery of leading brands that are always operated by professional machinists who have a good knowledge to use the 5 Axis technology for your components.

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Learn more about the CNC services MS-Machining offers for your industry:

Components We Build for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Machining Process Used
Specific Feature
Blood Gas Analyzer
4-Axis Milling
6061-T6 Aluminum
0.010″ Thick Cell Walls
Rotor Housing
Blood Gas Analyzer
4-Axis Milling
6061-T6 Aluminum
Micro Milling of Housing to Accept Electronics
Blood Gas Analyzer
3-Axis milling
6061-T6 Aluminum
Circle Interpolate Boss with 0.0005″ Tolerance
Objective Head
Catheter Head
EDM Sinker
17-4PH Steel
EDM Sink with Miniature Copper Electrodes
CT Scanner
Conventional Turn and Mill
718 Inconel
Used Ceramic Tooling for Turning
Arc, Support
CT Scanner Rail
4-Axis Milling
Project 70 Steel
Drilling and Tapping Holes on the Face of a 48″ Radius
Fluid Flow
5-Axis Milling
Burr-Free Micro Milling
Instrument Cap
Micro Turning
AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Micro Wire EDM
Gear Plate
Laser Eye Keratome
4-Axis Milling
17-4 Ph Cond H900
Mill to Accept Miniature Gears
Insulator, Conductivity
Element Isolator
Kel-F PCTFE Plastic
Turn Tapered ID Profiles
Impeller, Polished
Experimental Heart Pump
5-Axis Milling
6Al-4v Titanium
Burr Free Polished Impeller Surface
Alignment Screw
CT Scanner
Swiss Screw Machine
718 Inconel
Burr Free Part for Clean Room Use
Nozzle, Dispensing
Drug Dispensing Nozzle
Hard Turning
17-4 PH Cond H900
EDM Wire 2mm Thru-Hole over 8 ” Length
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