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Bronze is made up of a mixture of copper and Tin; Tin is very flexible and moldable. But the resulting alloy is more flexible and easier to breakable than Tin. Bronze is a much stronger alloy than pure copper. Bronze has a high electrical conductivity. And those engineers without experience in CNC machining bronze may forget about bronze characteristics because this factor may generate some issues, mainly when CNC bronze parts are covered by aluminum. It has various qualities such as workability, high flexibility, durability, more readily melted, ease to work, and easier to cast.

Moreover, other materials can be added to bronze, such as manganese, lead, and zinc, to make extra special motive materials with enhanced characteristics. Bronze is also used in industrial applications due to its non-sparking qualities and outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity.

Bronze is frequently used to make bolts, bushings, screws, nuts, threaded parts and more. It is also used in machining parts for various industries, including Oil & gas, military, aircraft and aerospace.

Following are the High-Quality Components machined by Bronze Alloy, Including:

• Adapters
• Hydraulic shafts
• Motor Shafts
• Pinions
• Axle Shafts
• Sprockets
• Torsion Bars
• And much more

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Bronze CNC Machined Components Made by MS-Machining

Bronze is a flexible alloy that can make a desirable component with the proper techniques. Bronze also has electrical conduction qualities and results in very little friction, so the CNC machining bronze part is used in military, aerospace, and Oil & Gas components. Morning Star Machining Industries is specialized that how to create better quality CNC bronze parts and components by using a variety of CNC Machining Techniques, Including:

• 5 Axis Milling
• 5 Axis Machining
• Complex CNC Machining
• Precision CNC Machining
• And More

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