Custom Aircraft Parts Manufacturers to the Highest Standards

Morning Star Machining has a vast knowledge of CNC Machining for the Aircraft Industry. Accuracy is vital when manufacturing components for military and civil aviation. Air travel continues to grow; Aircraft fleets always require durable parts to defend efficient, trustworthy operation and protection.

Our Professional machining experts function closely with customers to develop detailed aircraft components and spare parts per project needs. We provide them with an unmatched level of industry-standard by making high-quality components. Our engineers often refine the component designs, which help improve the application.

5 Axis CNC Machines services permit us to more accurate and faster construction of aircraft components. Our fast work and consistent accuracy make producing components a waft. What is thought impossible at other machine shops is possible for MS Machining Industries.

providing cnc machining services for aircraft

Precision Aircraft Parts Manufacturers with Attention to Detail and Safety

Our CNC Machining process permits us to perfection with our machined parts because the series of rigorous safety protocols show any component defects before installing them on aircraft.

Even if you require an aluminum anti-locking brake housing or any other complex part for an aircraft, our machining services will surpass your expectations while fulfilling the highest industry standards. With our machining services, we can make very small, precise pieces with resolutions up to 0.1 microns.

Your Aircraft will be well organized and durable with our machined components because we can manufacture the customizable component to provide a more suitable for your aircraft structures. Our 5 Axis machines permit for creation of multiple components at the same time, which helps in saving your time and cost as well.

Superior Machined Components for Aircraft and Jet Applications

MS Machining guarantees consistency in the building and designing custom parts for your businesses. Whether you are looking for a supplier performing CNC Machine work or reliable aircraft component manufacturers, in that case, we are offering 5 Axis Machining services with exacting tolerances for airplanes, jets, helicopters, or any other aircraft or military machine. Feel free to contact our Machinists to get more information about the Part manufacturing services of the Aircraft Industry.

Contact our Aircraft Parts Manufacturers to discuss your aircraft part needs today.

Manufacturing Custom Precision Aircraft Components

MS Machining is playing a leading role in the machining of OEM Parts for the avionics industry. Because we have produced a vast list of airplane components you need, meeting the actual compatibility needs for a range of airframes. MS Machining integrates the latest metal shaping, grinding, cutting, and deburring techniques to produce precision components.

Following are a few examples of Our Manufactured OEM Parts and their Techniques, Including:

  • Valve seat for an airflow regulator – 5-axis machined aluminum
  • Machined reflectors for wing lights – 5-axis profile milled aluminum
  • Aileron housing – 5-axis milled stainless steel
  • Door Hatch stop – 4-axis milled titanium
  • Control valve housing for brake system – 4-axis milled aluminum
  • Pneumatic valve armature assembly – Lathe-milled stainless steel
  • …and more

Our expert machinist-crafted custom-designed OEM components permit aircraft subsystems to incorporate correctly into existing airframes or new ones. Our fast-working process faultlessly fulfils any airplane client’s precision and saves time and cost.

Any Airplane Part in Any Material

With the many kinds of recreational, commercial, military, and private aircraft containing various components and subsystems, an airplane component manufacturer should produce different parts made from other types of high-quality materials. We are producing OEM Aircraft components from materials, Including:

  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Super Conducting, High purity copper
  • Inconel
  • Kovar and more…

Contact the Aircraft Parts Manufacturers at MS-Machining to begin producing precise OEM airplane parts today.

Learn more about the CNC services MS-Machining offers for your industry:

Components We Build for the Aircraft Industries

machining process used
specific Feature
Support Assembly
5-Axis Milling
5052-0 and 5052-F Aluminum
Aluminum Tube with Formed Welded Bracket
Swivel Bracket
4-Axis Milling
2024-T351 Aluminum
3 Piece Assembly
Door Stop
Hatch Stop
4-Axis Milling
6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium
Fine Milling Profiles to Accept Plating and Paint
Armature Assembly
Pneumatic Valve
Lathe, Mill w/ 4th axis Indexer
430 and 303 Stainless Steel
Welded/Polished Assembly
Pilot End Cap
Fluid Flow
Multi-Axis Mill/Turn
1117 CRS
Milling Radial Ports
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