CNC Aerospace Components Made from Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel comprises mainly Iron and Carbon; it consists of many other elements. Some materials used to make up alloy steel include chromium, nickel, tungsten, vanadium, and manganese. These are often divided into two categories:

1: High Alloy Steels

2: Low Alloy Steels

Alloy CNC Machining is commonly used to manufacture machining parts in the Military, Medical, Aircraft, and Aerospace industries.

Alloy steel is an advanced form of carbon steel; it has better toughness, corrosion resistance, hardenability, strength, hot hardness, and wear resistance. It is mainly used in CNC machine shops for making various complex components because of its desirable qualities.

Following are the Common Machined components with Alloy Steel, Including:

• Hydraulic shafts
• Motor Shafts
• Pinions
• Axle Shafts
• Sprockets
• Torsion Bars
• And much more

alloy steel cnc machining services

The Best CNC Machined Components Made by MS-Machining

Morning Star Machining Industries manufactures quality machine components of steel alloy using advanced Ultra-precision machining methods. We can help you choose a suitable machining method based on your needs. We offer quality services, including complex 5 Axis Milling, CNC Machining, and micromachining with wire Electric Discharge Machining.

If you think Alloy Steel is ideal for your components or any other material is better for your component, contact our support service agent today to get a better idea based on your exact needs.

Interested in utilizing alloy steel for your machined component? Contact Ms-Machining today.

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