Aerospace Components Manufactured with Superior Machining Processes and Incredible Accuracy:

Accuracy in Components is most important in the Aerospace Machining Industry because a single faulty component can be a huge risk and damage thousands of dollars for space stations and space crafts. We are committed to machining complex aerospace components with the highest accuracy for their detailed application.

cnc machining service for aerospace industry

What is Aerospace CNC Machining?

Aerospace CNC Machining technology produces lightweight, intricate plastic and vital parts for the aerospace industry. Its parts are used in making and retaining aircraft and space shuttle. The Machined kits, assemblies, and parts are essential for aircraft in the aerospace industry, even if you require bushings, clamps, hinges, manifolds, or other custom manufactured parts. The aerospace industry demands the highest quality components created with quality materials to work correctly. Titanium and Kovar are mainly used for manufacturing aerospace equipment and aircraft components. Still, others include Inconel, aluminum, bronze, ceramic, copper, brass, stainless steel, and other types of plastic.

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Our Machinist exceeds the CNC Machining industry standards, constantly revolutionizing the machining operation. Even if your aerospace components need 5-axis machining services, CNC Turning Services, CNC Machining Services, and 4-Axis Machining services with precision tolerances, our expert machinists have a good understanding, extensive experience, and commitment to providing components with the highest possible accuracy, which other machine shops cannot achieve.

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Our professional CNC Machinist has a vast understanding of parts cases for use with Doppler satellites and radar. Our industry-leading experts machined a computer chassis house made to withstand spaceflight, which is our best example of aerospace components. We are also excellent at machining connectors for turbines and blades, flexors, and fluid controls for the applications of Aerospace. We use high-quality materials for all aerospace parts because low-quality materials can damage your assets.

MS Machining uses the following materials for all aerospace machined components:

Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Hardened Steel

MS Machining has the abilities in 5 Axis CNC Machining, 4 Axis CNC Machining, CNC Turning, CNC Engineering, and more; you can believe in our company when lightweight parts are essential to big aerospace projects get off the ground. Don’t worry about how we create the component because we have modern machines to handle this task precisely.

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Swiss CNC Machining for the Aerospace Industry

Our professional machinists manufacture the complex components utilized in aerospace applications. We have a good understanding that these components require to be made with high-quality materials and more precisely. Our engineers are guaranteed to make your components to the finest standards with our CNC 5 Axis Machining facility.

Our 5 Axis Machining has multiple abilities that permit our machinists to manufacture the most accurate components at a lower, reasonable cost.

Spacecraft Parts We Make

Following are some of the aerospace components we have manufactured with 5 Axis Machining.

• Aerospace couplers
• Flanges
• Retainer rings
• Aircraft seat frames
• Guidance fins
• And much more

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cnc machining service for spacecraft parts

Out of this World Accuracy: 5-Axis and Wire EDM Machined Aerospace Parts

MS Machining is a leading company in 5 Axis CNC milling and machining capabilities of micron positional precisions. Even if you require a meticulously crafted microwave housing part, intricate hydrogen propulsion system, or a titanium spline for an airflow meter, we are excellent in our aerospace machining abilities.

Our 5-Axis cutting systems provide us the capability to cut up to precisions of .05µm, with .0015 corner radii.

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Components We Build for the Aerospace Industries

Machining Process Used
Specific Feature
Valve Seat
Air Flow Regulator
347 Stainless Steel
Diameters held within 0.0005″ Concentricities
Control Valve Housing
Aircraft Brake
4-Axis Milling
2024-T351 Aluminum
MIL-Spec Ports and Internal Features
Check Valve
Brake Fluid Flow Control
Precision Turning
18-8 Stainless Steel Cond B
32 Microfinish on all Surfaces
Engine Valve
Conventional CNC Turning
7075-T651 Aluminum
Maintaining Class 1 Diameter Fit Tolerance
Hinge, Convergent Flap
Flap Control
3-Axis Milling
Inconel 718
Deep Groove Milling
Housing, Aileron
Flap Control
5-Axis Milling
15-5PH Cond H1025
Machining Finned Housing from Solid Billet Stock
Battery Core
Safety Equipment
Swiss Screw Machine
6061-T6 Aluminum
Black Anodized Sleeve
Machined Reflector
Wing Lights
5 Axis Profile Milling
6061-T6 Aluminum
Milling and Polishing 16 Reflective Pockets
Cylinder Assembly
Flow Channel for Booster Rocket
Turning with Ceramic Inserts
A286 Alloy
Deep Drilling Through Interrupted Surfaces
Thruster Body
Satellite Propulsion
Precision EDM
6Al-4v Grade 5 Titanium
EDM Nozzle Micro Taper Vectored Thru-Hole
DM Cover
Satellite Component
6061-T651 Aluminum
Turn, Mill, and Drill Flanged Cover
Grid Clamp
Satellite Component
CNC Turn
AISI 304 Stainless Steel
Turn 0.044″ Thick Ring
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