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MS Machining is a high precision CNC Machining Services with the ability to machine complex metals and new materials.

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By understanding all the high standards or tolerance and quality, MS Machining supplies full-time production of parts to the leading OEMs in the world’s leading industries such as automotive, energy, oil and gas, food industry, and other general industries market. We consider many other important aspects of the projects of these types of industries.

With the development of talent in the business and successful machining experience in these typed of industries, now we are fully expertise in our work. We have developed a long-term relationship with the many industry leaders with time and good work.

Powder Coating

We offer special cnc machining process management services including

1. Thermal Machining Processes:

  • Heat Treatment (HT),
  • Induction Hardening, Flame Hardening,
  • Nitriding
  • Low Temperature Stress Relief

2. Coating (CT) Processes:

  • Electroplating
  • Anodizing
  • Hard coat anodizing
  • Iodizing
  • Phosphating
  • Painting

3. EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Wire and sinker

4. Deep hole machining: 

  • Gundrilling
  • Honing

5. Gear cutting and grinding:

  • Spiral
  • spline

6. Surface treatment:

  • manual polishing 
  • manual grinding
  • machine polishing 
  • machine grinding

7. Casting:

  • Casting mold production
  • Casting processing 

8. Sub-arc welding

9: Laser welding 

10. Large power

11. Laser cutting 

12. Wire-Electrode cutting 

13. Pressure testing 

14. Millipore Testing 

15. Fatigue testing 

CNC Machining Processes

cnc machinery Inspection Service

We calculate all the critical external and internal part dimensions, geometries, and overall machine output using fully automated coordinate measuring machines and powerful standard software features.

MS Machining has a quality assurance department that does special tests and verification through standard or custom gauges to explore machined parts and the machining process. MS Machining has a wide range of more than 600 gauge.

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