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MS Machining is a high precision CNC Machining Services with the ability to machine complex metals and new materials.


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Laser Welding services are a new concept in the machining industry, and it could be challenging to find trusted companies these days that provide these services. This type of method is very effective for joining small parts with tolerance. That’s why we feel proud to offer this high-tech service to our customers.

In the laser welding process, laser beams are utilized to weld pieces of metal together and the edge area of fragments because this process does not need any filter material inclusion. All the process executed by laser welding is in tubes or open air.

The laser welding process is prevalent due to its less heat input and deep penetration capabilities and can be quickly completed. The laser welding process is used in industries like petrochemical, military, defense, medical, lab research, electronics, and aerospace.

Laser Welding & Metal Laser Cutting Service


For Laser precision and micro-cutting, MS Machining is a supreme factory with a power of 20,000 watts for power laser cutting and with the power of 80,000 watts for laser tube cutting machines.

With expertise in cutting metals with laser machines, we have a decade of production experience with ongoing investment in new equipment. We are a custom laser cutting factory, and we have provided our laser welding services to the top leading OEM brands since 2004.

Our proficient laser welders and cutters team can assemble your products super causal. To know your production’s prices and beginnings, send your CAD files to our platform. Our mission is to save engineers time for value-adding activities. Contact us via email or visit our quote page if you have any queries about custom laser cutting.

Laser Welding Services Industries We served

Ms. Machining served laser welding services for:

  • laser welding aerospace
  • laser welding automotive
  • laser welding medical
  • laser welding petrochemical
  • laser welding military
  • laser welding medical

In these or many other industries, we have been providing our laser welding services to our customers.

Reasons why laser welding process so Popular

For many numerous purposes, laser welding is a very admired service because of

  • It requires less heat input
  • It has deep penetration abilities
  • The laser welding process can be completed quickly.
Laser Cutting Services

Raw Material Services of Custom CNC LASER CUTTING

With excessive standard products, MS Machining has been providing laser cutting services in these materials.

  • laser cutting nickel
  • laser cutting brass
  • laser cutting aluminum
  • steel laser cutting
  • laser cutting stainless steel
  • laser cutting titanium
  • laser cutting copper

We have been providing laser cutting services in these materials and many more to our customers with the highest quality products.


1、With high precision, laser cutting is suitable for cutting parts for various craft words and paintings.

2、The laser cutting process has a fast speed of more than 100 times that of wire cutting.

3、Laser cutting is a less heat-affected zone and is not easy to deformation. the laser cut is beautiful without post-processing

4, Laser cutting service is cost-effective by 1/3 of CO2 laser cutting similar machine performance and the same effectiveness of CNC punching machine 2/5. The per-hour cost of a CO2 laser cutting machine is 18 yuan, identical to 1/8 to 1/10, and the 150 – 180 yuan for a CO2 laser cutting machine.

5, MS machining used a YAG laser in the laser field for stable performance and continuous production.

6, CNC Laser cutting is used for the production of CNC punching machine


1. Custom laser cutting machine has a Fast speed, significant depth, and small deformation.

2. We can weld components under room temperature or conditions using a custom laser cutting machine and easily install the welding equipment. For instance, the beam will not deflect when the laser passes through an electromagnetic field because the laser can weld only in a vacuum, air, glass, and some special gases.

3. It can weld heterogeneous and refractory materials with a perfect result, such as titanium, quartz, etc.

4、After laser focusing, when welding high-energy devices, their depth to width ratio can reach 5:1 or up to 10:1

5. It can perform micro-welding and obtain a small and precisely positioned spot by focusing a laser beam, For automated mass production.

6. In recent years, YAG laser processing has widely used fiber optic transmission technology to promote laser welding technology. Custom laser cutting has excellent flexibility to weld only parts and execute non-contact long-distance welding.

7. Custom laser cutting ensures more accurate welding because the laser beams can easily split through time and space for multi-beam and multi-station processing.


Here we discuss some advantages of the YAG laser cutting machine.

  1. Yag laser completes all the processes of complex structures, and the computer images draw quickly.
  2. The drawing will make only on the computer, and all the newly developed products can come out quickly to save costs.
  3. The variety of plane and surface cutting methods done by the YAG cutting machine through its effective automatic tracking system
  4. CNC punching machine complex requirements can be done by YAG laser cutting
  5. Using YAG, the product grade is high and very smooth.
  6. CNC punching machine can’t handle the molding of the box within 0.5 meters thickness. Only a YAG CNC metal laser cutting machine can solve this.
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