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MS Machining is a high precision CNC Machining Services with the ability to machine complex metals and new materials.

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5 axis CNC machining service capabilities, superior productivity, saving you cost, time, and money. With over a decade of experience, continuous innovation, and industry-leading capabilities, MS Machining has conquered complex part manufacturing across a variety of industries including:

  1. Automated agriculture
  2. Gas and Oil industry
  3. Construction
  4. Chemical industry
  5. Electronic digital
  6. Optical Equipment
  7. Tool & Die
  8. Food Manufacturing

Thanks to the additional axes and the special linkage of the workpiece to the tool rotation axis, the 5-axis platform allows the production of geometries and complex shapes inside and outside the part that cannot be achieved by other machining methods. 

This enhanced 6-sided machining capability improves accuracy by combining multiple free independent operations, significantly reducing the time and cost required for multiple clamping stages in part handling and machining. 

Compared to 4 axis CNC machining centers, 5 axis CNC machining centers have spindle heads that operate closer to the 5 axis machined part, requiring

  • Shorter tools
  • Less vibration  
  • Distortion
  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Tighter and Faster tool movements
  • Surface finishing 

Cost savings and increased efficiency are other major advantages of 5-axis technology. Combining 3-axis machining and other linear axis operations into a single machine increases productivity while reducing manual errors, cycle times, expensive fixturing, and material waste.

5 axis CNC machining is unique in its ability to effectively process part sizes and shapes with essentially infinite possibilities. Like 3 axis machines, the cutting tool of a 5 axis CNC machining center moves across the X, Y, and Z linear axes, but also rotates on the A and B axes – allowing the cutting tool to approach components from any direction. 

An experienced machinist can achieve incredibly complicated geometries with high precision when using all 5 axes in conjunction. The skilled and highly experienced CNC machinists and 5 axis cnc programmer at Morning Star Precision Machining are capable of machining complex shapes, undercuts, and complicated angles – all in one setup to boot.

The ability to machine a component to completion in a single setup not only adds to the precision achieved during machining but also reduces tooling costs, overhead costs, and labor time, resulting in the lowest possible cost per part. 

5 axis CNC machining centers eliminate several inadequacies of conventional CNC machining techniques, including multiple setups, part transfers, and inspections; part handling, and errors associated with human involvement/interference.

Morning Star Precision Machining provides 5 axis CNC machining service that achieve an angular tolerance of two-thousandths of a degree (.002°). We specialize in true 5 axis contour machining that allows us to manufacture “almost impossible to make” 5 axis components with ease. 

It takes more than just excellent machining and programming skills to perform true 5 axis work. Our manufacturing engineers are remarkable machinists that have been with Morning Star for 20 – 30+ years. They fix, program, and set up machines while also producing the components themselves.

5 axis CNC machining is used across a number of industries to produce precision-dependent components with fast manufacturing times and repeatable accuracy, including

MILITARY : 5-axis machining can be used on all manner of military parts, including:

  • Turbine blades
  • Submarine parts
  • Engine parts
  • Sensors
  • Weapons

AEROSPACE: 5-axis machining can be used on all manner of aerospace parts, including:

  • Bulkheads
  • Fuselage sections
  • Landing gear components

Medical devices: 5-axis machining can be used on all manner of medical devices parts, including:

  • Scalpels
  • Forceps
  • Cutters
  • Spacers
  • Clamps
  • Surgical scissors

Automotive industry: 5-axis machining can be used on all manner of medical devices parts, including:

  • Engine housings
  • Engine covers
  • Valves
  • Inspection jigs
  • Light guides

Morning Star Precision Machining serves these industries and more, consistently exceeding industry quality standards and the capabilities of normal CNC machine shops. We are happy to take on prototype or production machining work.

5 axis cnc machining


5-Axis CNC Machining center has a variable speed tool spindle head capable of rotating in multiple directions. The raw material is loaded into an indexing chuck or work table. The spindle assembly moves in unison with the chuck or indexing table along the travel column, precisely controlling the part and tool to achieve the correct travel and speed required for material removal.

Five-axis machines offers:

  • Single input
  • Infinite geometry cutting
  • Automatic material transfer
  • Free chip management
  • Longer tool
  • Part life
  • Rapid repeatable manufacturing

and the efficiency of simultaneous five-axis high precision machining.

5 axis machine services


Understanding the full capabilities for 5 axis CNC machining is the difference between an ordinary component and an extraordinary one. CNC machinists trained to use CNC machines may not have the knowledge or expertise to get the most from 5-axis technology, but Morning Star Precision Machining is different.

We have an arsenal of the best 5-axis machinery on the market produced by the best brands, and are always operated by expert machinists who know how to utilize 5 axis CNC machining technology for your particular components.

When searching for 5 axis CNC machining service, look no further than Morning Star Precision Machining. Morning Star uses the best CNC machines manufactured by AGIE, Hermle, DMG, Okuma, and more. We have consistently delivered remarkable results using our 5-axis machining services for multiple industries all over the United States. 

Morning Star’s advanced 5-axis machining technology offers the best precision and tighter tolerances for people working at a tool & die business. Tool & Die is a billion-dollar industry that is primarily made up of small businesses and machine shops throughout the United States, and the expert CNC engineers at Morning Star Precision Machining are here to help your tool & die business with whatever components you need. Our 5-axis machining services allow for the best CNC parts to be made with the tightest tolerances and highest-quality materials.

A 5 axis CNC machining service center has a variable speed tool spindle head with a multi-directional rotary axes orientation. Raw material clamps into an indexing chuck or to a table. The spindle head assembly moves along the travel columns in unison with the chuck or index table to precisely maneuver the workpiece and the cutting tool to achieve the proper tool path required for removing material. 5-axis machines offer single setups, infinite geometry cutting, excellent chip management, longer tool life, repeatable manufacturing, and the speed of simultaneous 5 axis CNC machining.

As an experienced and professional machine shop specializing in CNC manufacturing for many years, Morning Star Precision Machining is capable of precision 5 axis CNC machining service and 5 axis cnc milling. Whether you are in need of high-quality and precise CNC metal machining or plastic components, we can provide 5 axis CNC machining parts to worldwide clients for a variety of industries including automotive, medical, military, aerospace, mechanical, machine tool, high-tech, and more, with excellent machining and programming skills, as well as 5 axis CNC machining center.

Our engineers and machinists can perform true 5 axis CNC machining service work and produce 5-axis machining parts with ease. No matter how complex the CNC machining parts are, each step will be executed with a rigorous attitude, to deliver exceptional 5 axis CNC machining components that demonstrate the highest quality standards.

If you’re manufacturing medical devices, surgical instrumentation, or other related equipment, Morning Star can handle your five-axis machining demands; delivering the highest precision results. Morning Star Precision Machining has consistently delivered remarkable results using its five-axis CNC machining service.

If you are seeking impeller or turbine work, you know the complexity of this component’s contours. We seek these challenges, knowing our equipment and 5 axis machine operators have the skills to make impellers with the highest accuracy and precision, no matter the size demands.

Whether you are looking for high efficiency and low cost, complex part manufacturing, cnc machined parts requiring extremely tight tolerances or surface accuracy, or all-around machining, MS Machining is the best choice for your precision 5 axis CNC machining shop!


  • Workpieces are not moved through several workstations, they can be completed on the 5 Axis machine alone—finishing components with greater accuracy
  • Less fixture preparation—saving time and money
  • Single setup required for machining complex shapes—increasing productivity
  • Can use shorter cutting tools—producing higher cutting speeds and fewer tool vibrations for higher precision
  • Ability to achieve outstanding surface finishes—improving overall part quality
5 axis machining srvices


Part Type

Impellers, turbines, eccentric shafts, multi-faceted, irregular, convex, and concave parts

Type of raw material

All standard metals, stainless, aluminum, titanium, armor plate, brass and many more.

Part Size

27.5″ x 120″

Machine brands

DMG Mori and Mazak

Advantages of 5 axis CNC Machining Service

  • Highly accurate engineering and production of complex parts
  • Create complex part geometries in a single operation and reproduce them quickly
  • Increase accuracy in any part of the part
  • Reduced part handling time, fewer machine setups, streamlined processes, and reduced number of machines used
  • Reduce unnecessary waste
  • Reduces expensive part fixture costs and tool redundancy
  • Requires less auxiliary equipment – gauges, tools, cutters, and inspection equipment
  • Reduced manual operations – automatic loading/unloading
  • Improved traceability and documentation – all in one go
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Rapid model manufacturing
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